Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

I’m Mich Sneddon – a licensed Real Estate Agent with Royal LePage Signature.  I specialize in online marketing.  2018 was my third year as a Real Estate Agent and (part time – since I run other businesses like this one) I am on track to close more than $20M in deals – all 100% sourced from online leads using my own lead generation methods.  My systems and practices can also work to do the same for your business.

How does this work?

It’s simple. Once you select the package you want below, we send you a form to gather the information we need on your listing. Our professional writing team creates the feature, you review it – then we begin the hard work of getting it featured on hundreds of websites.

What kind of results can I expect?

We guarantee your listing will be featured on Google News and dozens of other news sites all across North America – or you get your money back. This is our 100% money back guarantee. We will also try to get you some local features around the area where your listing is.

How long does this take?

After submitting the listing you want to be featured, we will have a first draft of a professionally written featured property write-up in around 24 hours. Once you are happy with the final draft, it will take another 24-72 hours for us to get the featured property placements. We will keep you informed as placements come in and provide a full list of the initial placements we’ve got after 72 hours.

Will it work for an exclusive listing?

Yes, in fact exclusive listings are probably one of the best things you can use is for, as you will not have been able to do any kind of MLS based marketing. The same applies to FSBOs or other non-MLS-listed properties.

Where do you operate?

We’re currently active across the U.S. and Canada, for the moment. If you are outside of these areas and would like a custom online listing promotion plan, please reach out to us – note that prices may be a touch higher than those listed below.

What if I’m not happy?

We pride ourselves on our results. If we don’t get your listing featured in Google News and on dozens of other sites, you get your money back. 100% – no questions asked. So this is completely risk free for you. You have it right here in black and white.

How do you do this?

We have been working in online marketing for years – so we know how to write SEO and keyword optimized content that the news sites will like. Our professional writing team considers how best to promote a property through a featured listing, with each listing getting it’s own individually written feature that the news sites we work with love.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. You can see the prices below – these are the full costs for promoting a listing – there are no additional fees on top of these. However, we may adjust prices in future and it unlikely we will keep prices this low over time.

Where are you based?

We are based out of Toronto in Canada.  However, most of our customers are from and we primarily serve the U.S. market.